Thanks to its modular design, ELMO modular transformer is transformed into dozens of standard solutions. Semi-finished modules based on manufacturing modules enable mass-tailored solutions that can be shorter than delivery time.

ELMO is transformed into manual or remote substations and switching stations. ELMO is designed for the Nordic environment and its arctic requirements.

ELMO is assembled at the factory. The modules are mounted on a fixed steel block, over which a steel-mounted tray is mounted to protect the environment from the effects of a potential oil leakage. The standard steel base and high quality load breakers ensure the long-lasting and reliable use of ELMO even with remote control. Thanks to its heavy base structure, ELMO can be installed safely regardless of area and ground.

Particular attention has been paid to the safety and ease of use of the necessary maintenance operations. The roof is divided so it can be opened without interference to the medium-voltage side and its made as a double roof structure to reduce condensation problems caused by moisture. Designed technical solutions increase usability and safety. In designing the D2 model, additional attention has been paid to the position of the load break switches in order to facilitate maintenance.

ELMO's excellent internal design is also reflected on the external design. Apart from the fact that modules can be assembled in a customer-friendly and service-friendly substation, the exterior of ELMO can also be adapted to meet demanding requirements.




MV Switchgear

Max. MV Switchgear moduls 2-8 pcs
LB Switch Driescher Moosburg H22
Driescher Moosburg H27
Circuitbreaker Tavrida ISM/TEL
Compact Switchgear RMU max. 4+1


Transformer Moduls

Modul Transformer Room Dimensions Wihdt x Lenght x Hight [mm]
630 kVA 1650 x 990 x 1900
1000 kVA 2080 x 1120 x 1900
1600 kVA 2080 x 1520 x 2200
Switching Station -


LV Panels

1000 A Main Switch 400A, 630A or 1000 A Fuse-Switch Vertical Design
Max 7 pcs up to 630A Fuse-Switch Vertical Design
1600 A Main Switch max 1600A Load Switch or Circuitbreaker
Max 18 pcs up to 630A Fuse-Switch Vertical Design
2500 A Main Switch max 2500 A Load Switch or Circuitbreaker
Max 18 pcs up to 630A Fuse-Switch Vertical Design