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Jukka Seppä

Technical Sales Manager

+35844 369 7140

Distribution transformers

Elkamo is a distributor of Cast resin and Oil immersed distribution transformers. Transformers meet the strictest environmental and safety requirements.

1 kV products

Alfen Elkamo has full range of products to build 1kV network and lot of experience from Nordic markets.


The Core of Safe Power Distribution


Elkamo's line breakers are always up to 630 A.

Clamps & accessories

The screw terminals are typically characterized by their coverage of a wide cross-sectional area of cables. For this reason, the required connector range is small. Only two or three different connectors are required to cover the cable cross-sections 1.5 to 300 mm2.


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Alfen Elkamo develops, manufactures and markets electricity distribution systems. For enquiries, please contact us at +358 6 788 9550 or send an e-mail

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