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Alfen Elkamo has a long experience with LV Switchgears. Alfen Elkamo has built LV Switchgears since 1980's and has been working hard to deliver products with the latest technological developments and innovative solutions ever since. Alfen Elkamo LV Switchgears are based on modular system and always tailored solutions, to fully fullfill all the customer demands. We are proud of being delivered thousands of LV switchgears to Metal-, Paper-, Pulp- and Chemistry industry and to many other purposes.

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  • LV switchgear with highest strength!

  • Continuous developments since 1981

  • Innovative solutions that take into account local conditions and work in extreme conditions

  • Responds particular to the industry's high demands


Thomas Wahlbeck

Head of business development

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KKBU LV switchgear

The KKBU LV switchgear system is based on a self standing frame with highest strength finded on the market. Only high-quality materials are used in the structure.

KKBM LV Center

The Elkamo Transformation Low Voltage Center KKBM is intended as a main distribution and distribution center for real estate transformers in the distribution network of urban utilities.

KKBL light switchgear system

The KKBL light switchgear system is based on a self-supporting frame structure. The structure uses many of the same standard components as the KKBU system.

KHRO Panels

The KHRO panel is the light version of the KKBL light switchgear. A lighter solution that still has virtually all the same features as in the KKBL.

JASKA Cable distribution cabinets

JASKA is a versatile cabinet that incorporates many new solutions that are not seen before in the distribution cabinets. JASKA can be changed both inside and outside according to the application and the customer's needs.

Street lightning cabinets

The cabinet range also includes telephony, street lighting and recessed cabinets. The cabinets are of the same design as the loose cable ducts.


  • Real Estate & Infra
  • Grid Operators
  • Industry
  • Sustainable Energy


  • Electric Nation UK

    Electric Nation UK

  • EV Chargers for European Commission

    EV Chargers for European Commission

  • Enexis Grid Automation

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