Medium voltage switchgear

Innovative technology, flexibility and the highest possible quality!


The module design is a great solution for customers who want to easily aggregate more complex entities using standardized modular structures.


  • Solutions for both Air and SF6 insulated module Switchgears!

  • Compact or Modular, We adwise you for best solution!


Jukka Seppä

Technical Sales Manager

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Air insulated

Choose to go with environmental solution! Yes, there is Possibilities to build Switchgear without SF6 Gas!

SF6 insulated


We recommend SF6 Gas Insulated switchgear especially for areas where space requirement imposes restrictions on construction.

Switching devices

Air insulated outdoor and indoor switching devices from Driescher Moosburg.


  • Real Estate & Infra
  • Grid Operators
  • Industry
  • Sustainable Energy


  • Electric Nation UK

    Electric Nation UK

  • First FCR energy storage in Belgium

    First FCR energy storage in Belgium

  • 3MW energy storage for Nuon

    3MW energy storage for Nuon

  • Energy storage Scholt and Giessenwind

    Energy storage Scholt and Giessenwind

  • Mega Energy System with Storage

  • Solar Park Ameland

  • Tesla Superchargers

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