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Alfen Elkamo is a highly reliable partner for industrial organizations in the field of electricity distribution systems, including transformer substations, medium- and low-voltage switchboards and related systems.


  • An experienced partner in industry application

  • Robust and reliable products

  • Turnkey deliveries


Vesa Hietala

Technical Sales Engineer

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Low voltage switchgear

Low-voltage switchboards cover a wide range of switchboards for various purposes. The switchboards are suited for the demanding needs of industries, power plants, energy utilities and various buildings.

Medium voltage switchgear

The module design is a great solution for customers who want to easily aggregate more complex entities using standardized modular structures.

EV Charge Points

Reliable and high-tech charge points for electric vehicles

Energy Storage

In order to future-proof the electricity grid, we offer a complete system for storing electric energy. This allows for the storage of energy that was generated in decentralized setting, for instance by solar panels, wind turbines and other sustainable sources. Peaks and troughs in the grid are absorbed by batteries, so that every bit of generated energy is optimally used.

Transformer Substations

Alfen Elkamo is the key supplier of transformer substations for many grid operators. We work accross Finland and Sweden and through our parent company Alfen also cover North West Europe.


  • Transformer Substations
  • Energy Storage
  • EV Charge Points
  • LV switchgears
  • MV switchgears
  • Other products


  • First FCR energy storage in Belgium

    First FCR energy storage in Belgium

  • EV Chargers for European Commission

    EV Chargers for European Commission

  • 3MW energy storage for Nuon

    3MW energy storage for Nuon

  • Mega Energy System with Storage

  • Solar Park Ameland

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Alfen Elkamo develops, manufactures and markets electricity distribution systems. For enquiries, please contact us at +358 6 788 9550 or send an e-mail

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