Efficient and reliable energy solutions for every market

Grid Operators

Alfen Elkamo closely cooperates with various grid operators to future-proof the electricity grid. By joining forces with grid operators, we develop innovative solutions.


Alfen Elkamo is a highly reliable partner for industrial organizations in the field of electricity distribution systems, including transformer substations, medium- and low-voltage switchboards and related systems.

Real estate and infra

Alfen Elkamo is the number one partner for the building and infrastructure sector.

Sustainable Energy

As our society evolves toward a sustainable one, more and more electricity is generated from energy sources such as solar, wind and bio energy. In addition, electric energy is also increasingly being used to power electric vehicles. Alfen Elkamo offers a portfolio of solutions to transform, store and distribute sustainable electric energy and is renowned partner in connecting solar farms and wind turbines.

Curious about what we can do for you?

Alfen Elkamo develops, manufactures and markets electricity distribution systems. For enquiries, please contact us at +358 6 788 9550 or send an e-mail

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