The accessible stations are available in the following dimensions (all sizes in centimeters).

Min. length in cm 250 300 350 400 450 500 550 600 650 700
Max. length in cm 750 800 850 900 950 1000        
Width in cm 250 260 300 330 360          
Height in cm 250 260 290 300 310 320        


Other custom sizes can also be delivered per your request. Bigger sizes to approximately 400 cm wide and 1200 cm long are also possible.      


Flexible layout

The Alfen accessible stations can be fitted in countless ways due to the modular construction. This ensures that the station always meets specific requirements.


Solid casing

The quality of the applied concrete is at least B45. All doors and grids are highly sustainable due to the coating applied on the metal.


Temperature control

Unique Alfen grids and eaves construction guarantee optimum ventilation (compliant with IEC 61330 type tests).



Accessible stations can be equipped with a waterproof cellar, accessible through an access hole.


Prefab delivery

The modular stations are delivered as prefab solutions and guarantee excellent quality. Short turnaround for completely fitted stations.



The stations are available with virtually any finishing, such as stone strips, stainless steel plating, washed gravel or synthetic resin emulsion with stone granules.



Alfen has the right foundation and installation services for every possible soil composition.


Transport and placement

All station types can be transported to and installed on every possible location. The Alfen staff members are VCA (Safety Certificate for Contractors) certified to ensure professional and safe handling.