Anastacia concert in Germany on clean battery power 30-07-2018

Anastacia concert in Germany on clean battery power

BMW and Alfen powered the BR-Radltour last weekend with sustainable energy. The peaks in power demand for the main stage, where Anastacia performed on Sunday, where delivered from Alfen’s energy storage system which is based on BMW i3 high-voltage batteries. The storage container was charged with the first sustainable energy produced from the newly opened CHP headquarters of BMW Group Werks Landshut.
Andreas Plenk, Global Sales Director Energy Storage at Alfen, comments: “In the Netherlands, various festivals and events have now been powered based on our mobile storage system, providing a clean alternative for traditional diesel generators that are not only polluting but also produce a lot of noise. As far as we know, this is the first time this concept has been applied in Germany."
Soeren Mohr, heading BMW’s Stationary Storage department, adds: “BMW batteries are particularly suited for these kind events, as out batteries are approved to be transported and as such can facilitate mobile applications of energy storage.”