Alfen is supplying ultrafast EV charging with integrated energy storage to one of BMW AG’s test locations in Munich, Germany 24-05-2018

Alfen to deliver mobile integrated storage and ultrafast charging solution

Alfen, specialist in energy solutions for the future, is supplying one of BMW AG’s test locations in Munich, Germany, with an integrated energy storage solution to facilitate ultrafast charging of electric vehicles (EVs).

Alfen will supply an integrated energy storage system of 1.1MW which incorporates an ultrafast charger for BMW Group’s EV prototypes. The storage system is based on 34 BMW i3 car batteries and ensures maximum available power for the charging of EVs, irrespective of the capacity of the local power grid. One of the benefits of BMW i batteries is that these make the system transportable. This provides optimal flexibility to relocate the system to other locations in the future, wherever a backup for fast-charging of EVs might make sense. This addresses the increasingly imminent problem of concentrated fast charging of EVs in relation to the available grid capacity.

Alfen also signed an agreement with BMW AG to purchase BMW i3 car batteries for other storage projects.

Andreas Plenk, Global Sales Director for Energy Storage at Alfen, says: “We have been working with BMW i batteries at multiple storage projects, but are very proud to be selected to provide a storage system for one of BMW AG’s locations in Munich. As the energy transition evolves, we see more and more of our clients being interested in our integrated energy solutions capabilities, in which we combine our expertise in smart grids, EV charging and energy storage. We look forward to address the energy challenges of our clients.”