Alfen supplies energy storage system to Eneco in Belgium 13-07-2018

Alfen supplies energy storage system to Eneco in Belgium

The innovative battery is located at Peleman Industries and increases local consumption of wind energy while keeping central power grid in balance

At Peleman Industries in Puurs, Belgium, the first large-scale storage system in Belgium has been installed on an industrial site that contributes to balancing the central power grid. Sustainable energy provider Eneco installed Alfen's energy storage system, named TheBattery, to prevent what happened some months ago, when digital clocks were behind and not displaying the correct time. The battery storage system also enables Peleman Industries to locally use its own generated energy from wind turbines as much as possible.

Eneco installed the energy storage system on the site of Peleman Industries, developer of presentation systems, where also two wind turbines are located. Alfen, specialist in energy solutions for the future, delivered the storage system with a capacity of 2MW/2MWh, enough to provide 200 families with electricity for a day.

This is the first time a battery, located at a commercial site, is also deployed to balance the frequency of the power grid in Belgium. The storage system is therefore not only used by the company, but also available for the central electricity grid. When all Europeans collectively consume more electricity than is being produced, the battery can support in supplying the deficit electricity. When production of electricity is higher than consumption, the battery recharges. Several months ago, issues with the electricity grid in South East Europe resulted in a drop in grid frequency which caused digital clocks to lag behind.

Iwein Goigne, CEO Eneco Solar & Storage Belgium: "You should consider the electricity grid as a balance; production on the one side and consumption on the other. This system always has to be in balance in order to provide everyone with energy. Large deviations can cause an instability in the electricity grid which could lead to a disruption in electricity supply. The battery transfers exactly the right amount of electricity to or from the grid to ensure the system is always in balance."



Green energy, always available

When there is no need to support the grid balance, the battery can store the energy generated by the wind turbines on the Peleman sites. When the company needs this energy, the battery can supply the stored wind energy. By placing the battery on an industrial site and thus "behind-the-meter", it avoids bottlenecks on the electricity grid which reduces grid investments.

Esmeralda Peleman, CEO Peleman Industries: "This way Peleman Industries seeks to reduce its grid electricity consumption by 10%. The project was initiated in November 2016, one month after signing the sustainability covenant with the municipality. Our ambition is to meet or exceed the CO2 reduction objectives set forth by the EU by 2020. The new battery fits this strategic ambition."

Next Kraftwerke, who manages one of Europe's largest virtual power plants, is responsible for the management and control of the battery. Jan De Decker, CEO Next Kraftwerke Benelux: "The energy system of the future will be enabled by smart, decentralised and sustainable installations. This project at Peleman is a perfect example, and we are excited to put our expertise to good use.”

Alfen is the supplier of the battery storage technology and integrates the system in the local situation. Yves Vercammen, Sales Manager Alfen Belgium: "We have already installed multiple batteries for the European market that can balance the power grid. We are glad that our energy storage system can contribute to the continuous electricity supply from renewable energy sources."


The new battery will make the existing sustainable electricity park at Peleman Industries even more efficient. There are two wind turbines in the close vicinity of the company, providing Peleman with electricity for its activities. Daniël Van den Brande, project manager at Peleman Industries: "The wind turbines have been operational for seven years. We realize an average efficiency of 75%. This means three quarters of our energy is generated from sustainable sources. The goal is to realise a further 10% by using the battery. We will now also have access to sustainable electricity in the absence of wind or when the wind turbines are not spinning fast enough."


Esmeralda Peleman, CEO Peleman Industries: "We convey the message to avoid CO2 as much as possible, not only internally to our employees, but also with a sustainability covenant. We are also active in conveying this message externally in order to increase the societal support for energy efficiency. This is why we are now glad to launch our new battery. Visiting partners and customers regularly enquire about the developments in the field of energy. Our wind turbines are clearly visible from the N16 in Puurs."



Industrial battery keeps Belgian grid in balance