The mini substation ELMA is designed to replace pole transformers. The transformation fits both cables and overhead lines. The transformer is mounted on a concrete base and can be transported to the site with assembled transformer. ELMA's standardized module structure, extended connection space for cables and excellent design makes it easy to maintain and operate safely. Standardized structures also speed up delivery of the product. ELMA guarantees a more reliable and efficient distribution network.

Environmental aspects have also been taken into account in the design. The mini substation includes a concrete-built oil tray so it is also suitable for groundwater areas.

ELMA is suitable for medium voltage for both cable and overhead lines. Transformer size is max. 315 kVA, the medium voltage section has additional cable connection possibilities with earthing equipment and a space for overvoltage protection is available.



MV Switchgear One incoming and one outgoing MV cable
Transformer bay Max transformer size: 315 kVA
LV Switchgear Max 630A, 8 outgoing switch-fuses