Project details


Substation automation


Various locations throughout the Netherlands



Grid operator Enexis asked Alfen to equip their transformer substations with smart technology that enables their operators to gain real-time insights in the status of the electricity grid. The main purpose is that the grid operator can see what is going on in any given transformer substation, while immediately receiving a notification if a malfunction occurs anywhere. Furthermore, all public lighting is controlled over the internet, while downtime is significantly reduced.

Alfen has integrated all these functionalities and solutions in a smart, compact box, dubbed Erado. For this project, Enexis ordered 75 Erado’s. With this initial batch of smart boxes, a pilot was being carried out to measure the positive effects.



Thanks to the experience in the field of charge points for electric vehicles, Alfen was able to develop the Erado system with all corresponding communication functionalities within its own company. EV charge point also communicate over the internet about the status and energy consumption of the station. The options now offered by Erado however, take this even further. Erado can also see how much energy is being used, so that a grid operator can timely identify the need to upscale the grid. This helps to preemptively and proactively prevent problems, long before they actually occur.