Elkamo is a distributor of Cast resin and Oil immersed distribution transformers. Transformers meet the strictest environmental and safety requirements.

Distribution transformers has been passed the so-called environmental, climatic and fire tests first in Europe. The casting process used in production guarantees the transformer sufficient protection against corrosion and moisture.

Resin-insulated transformers are virtually maintenance-free. Due to their compact size and safety, they can be installed close to the load target. This significantly reduces costs for example. cabling and long service intervals. Cast Resin transformers are intended for industrial customers and electricity distribution customers, for example, that build new industries or make renovations. Dry transformers are used for example in real estate such as shopping malls.

Products are of high quality, and with small therapeutic measures taken at regular intervals, the reliability of the transformers has been tens of years. The promised delivery times have been very good and delivery reliability in situations where a customer needs a new transformer to the old farm quickly, has been excellent and has been highly praised for Elkamo's customers.

Oil transformers are intended for industrial customers and electricity distribution customers who build new industries or undergo renovations.

The oil transformer can be placed either indoors or out. All oil transformers are tested according to CEI EN 60076-1. Transformers are tested using test methods in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000 before the product is shipped from the factory to the customer.