The Korpitien family enjoys a single workplace 25-04-2024

The Korpitien family enjoys a single workplace

Marko, Satu and Simo are all familiar faces in the corridors of Alfe's Elkamo. However, the picture is not a random sample of our staff, but a father, mother and son from the same Korpitien family.

Father Marko works in the field of instrumentation installation, mother Satu is part of the logistics team and son Simo is a well-known "jack of all trades" who is currently working in Alfen Elkamo's customer service department on complaints while studying electrical and automation engineering.

The family's official "Alfa Elkamo" is also known. Marko holds the family's internal Alfen Elkamo employment record, and no one is likely to break it anytime soon. He marched into the house straight from the army almost 35 years ago.

Marko: "I actually spent a few months working here before I left the army, and before that I had only worked for UPM during the summer. So I must admit that my work experience is quite Alfen Elkamo oriented." 

How about the rest of you, how did you end up at Alfen Elkamo?

Satu: "I used to work in retail, but I needed a change and regular working hours. I've been working here for seven years now and I've really enjoyed it!"

Simo: "I have spent all my summer holidays here since secondary school and have worked here whenever school schedules have allowed. I was 13 years old when I first started working here."

What has it been like to work in the same workplace?

Simo: "It's going well! We don't bump into each other much at work, as we all have our own different tasks, but we do have lunch together."

Marko & Satu: "It hasn't bothered us in any way, on the contrary, it's nice."

What are your thoughts on Alfen Elkamo in general?

Marko: Of course this house has had a big impact on our lives. It's great that we have found such a reliable employer."

Satu: "Yes, and this whole working community is really important to us. It's nice to work here because we have nice colleagues."

Simo: "My whole interest in the sector has come from the fact that I have been able to work here and have been given a lot of different tasks to do. In addition, the money I have earned here has enabled me to become independent and move out on my own quite early on. I am very grateful for all the opportunities that this company has given me."