The timeline below offers a quick overview of the developments Alfen experienced since its founding, to become the international industry leader it is today.


May 1st 1937: The company is founded as J. van Alfens factory for high and low voltage equipment in the Dutch city of Hilversum


1953: Alfen expands its production facility at their initial business location


1965: First order for a transformer substation is granted by PNEM

1971: Alfen becomes part of OGEM, the future TBI

1972: Cooperation with a concrete manufacturer is started to product the first prefab stations


1976: The first compact concrete station is delivered


1978: Delivery of the 1000th transformer substation

1983: Alfen moves from Hilversum to Almere

1986: Alfen takes over the production of transformer substation from Holec

1991: Delivery of the 5000th transformer substation

1996: Company name is changed to Van Alfen

2002: Delivery of the 10,000th transformer substation


2003: Introduction of the Diabolo series compact station

2005: Introduction Rondo/Peperbus

2007: Company name is changed to Alfen

2007: Development of Intelligent Station

2008: Start of ICU Charging Stations

2007: Founding of Alfen Belgium

2007: First production of Sicuro Connection Boxes

2011: Delivery of the 1000th public charge point in the Netherlands

2011: Company take-over of EXENDIS, an expert in the field of converters and chargers

2011: Honored by receiving the award Entrepreneur of the Year

2012: Alfen celebrates its 75th year of operation

2013: First energy storage system is delivered


2013: First energy storage system is delivered


2014: ICU expands to the United Kingdom, France and Germany

2014: Alfen delivers its 25,000th transformer substation

2015: Development of Erado grid automation system

2016: 500th ICU charge point is commissioned in The Hague

2016: Roll-out of new applications for energy storage system: trading, frequency control, load balancing and off-grid

2017: >35,000 charge points delivered accross Europe