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Energy solutions of the future

As an industry leader in the assembly, delivery, management and maintenance of transformer substations, Alfen has the commanding electro technical foundation needed to develop the energy solutions of the future. We automate substations and connect solar farms, while we also offer energy storage systems and charge points for electric vehicles. These are just few aspects of the energy mix that has powered Alfen for more than 75 years.

Energy Storage


Storage of electricity will play an inevitable role in our energy grid. It is needed to match energy production against consumption and to stabalize the grid due to increasing decentralized generation and the growing penetration of electrical vehicles. Already today, industrial battery storage is frequently used to mitigate the risk of the unpredictability of renewable energy sources.

Charging Points EV

Alfen offers a complete range of charge points for use at home, work and in public areas. These charge points are available in a large variety of charging capacities and functionalities. The unique combination of Alfen’s transformer substations, energy storage systems and charge points allows for optimal balancing of local grids.

Electricity Grids

Based on our technical know-how, our experienced mechanics and a large number of relevant products for the distribution of electric energy, Alfen provides complete solutions in the field of high and medium voltage grids in the private domain. Our decades of experience with electric installations, experience with a vast amount of projects and the internal product development enables Alfen to offer expert advice about the most efficient layout of any electricity grid.

Grid automation

LV Switchboard

Alfen started its grid automation offering (Alfen Connect) in 2008 with the connection of its charging equipment for electric vehicles to the internet. Since then Alfen Connect has been expanded to remotely monitor and control substations and energy storage systems. Currently over 35.000 Alfen assets are connected to the Internet of Things.

Transformer Substations


Prefab transformer substations are our primary expertise. Alfen built its very first transformer substation over 50 years ago, and we have been working hard to equip them with the latest technological developments and innovative solutions ever since. Alfen transformer substations are tailored solutions, ensuring they provide matching answers to every situation and user profile. We take pride in the fact that we have delivered tens of thousands of stations to grid operators, industrial corporations and the horticultural industry.

Management and Maintenance

By maintaining a professional maintenance schedule, problems are solved before they arise, while the energy supply is optimized and the medium voltage facility can operate for years without experiencing any issue. Alfen provides for all services needed to maintain your electric facilities and offers complete service and maintenance schedules.

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