Substation Connect

Alfen Connect is a Distribution Automation device that provides grid operators with insights in the power grid. Potential bottlenecks can be anticipated, and can be responded to in advance. Constant measuring enables operators to conduct preventative maintenance, and, in the event of unexpected outages, localize and address issues as soon as possible. For industrial customers, the automation of substations also plays an important role. Continuous insights into the performance of the grid allow for improved service levels, and real-time monitoring.


TheBattery Connect


Alfen Connect is used as energy management system for Alfen’s energy storage solution (TheBattery). 

The platform integrates the elements of a local system: solar PV, wind turbines, energy storage, grid connection and more. It allows clients to access TheBattery, both wireless and through their own IT systems, for all storage applications: trading, frequency control, peak shaving and micro-grid usage. Alfen Connect also includes a backend for remote insights in system performance, data logging and communication of software updates to TheBattery.


Charge points Connect

Alfen Connect enables the connection of a large number of charge points for electric vehicles (EVs) to a central platform for asset management and transaction services (either Alfen’s proprietary platform or clients’ own platforms). In addition, it measures grid capacities to provide insights for load balancing at EV charging
plazas and enables vehicle-to-grid developments.