Alfen Elkamo's new generation of air-insulated load break switches provide a reliable distribution network. Flexibility will be increased and the use of the network is more efficient. The modular construction and technical solution make the PARK 202 transformer safe and easy to maintain.

The structure of PARK 202 is very strong, designed to withstand the demanding conditions of Nordic countries. The new H22 type load break switch is 100% air-insulated. The electrical data of the load break switch is 24kV, 630A, 20kA / 1s. The load break switch has been tested at -40 ° C. The load break switch can be equipped either with hand or motor control. Instead of a load break switch , a fuse load break switch can be installed in the substation.

The structure of the PARK 202 transformer has been tested according to IEC62271-202.

PARK 202 is a reliable and competitive substation solution with minimized lifecycle costs. The standard colour of the PARK is gray (RAL7015) with a black roof. Other colours are also possible.

The structure of the substation does not require a separate foundation. It is also possible to lift and transport the PARK 202 substation with the transformer. The maximum transformer size is 200 kVA.The transformer has an integrated oil tray so the PARK 202 is also suitable for installation in groundwater areas.



Transformer bay Max 200 kVA
MV Switchgear

1+0 Air Insulated Load Break Switch

0+1 Air Insulated Load Break Fuse Switch

The Second Medium Voltage Bay Is Equipped With An Openable Busbars

LV Switchgear max 630 A
Max 5 pcs Up to 630 A Fuse Switch Vertical Design
Dimensions 1900 x 2300 x 2439 mm (L x W x H)