The screw terminals are typically characterized by their coverage of a wide cross-sectional area of ​​cables. For this reason, the required connector range is small. Only two or three different connectors are required to cover the cable cross-sections 1.5 to 300 mm2.

The Elkamon 00 divider switch connectors are for cables from 1.5 to 95 mm2 and 2 x 10 to 35 mm2 for cables. For jumper switches 400 A and 630 A you can find the connector 35 - 240 mm2. There are also three different sizes of PEN brackets, 10 to 70 mm2, 35 to 240 mm2 and 150 to 300 mm2. Connecting the cable directly to the busbar, eg in the cable junction box, can be made with the connector strips of 35 - 240 mm2.

Additional accessories for connectors are so-called. extension rails and a T-piece for the queue switches, and then two cables can be connected using cable lugs to the switch. Two 400 A or 630 A relay switches can be connected and controlled by a common control handle. The blank idle switch position is protected with a 50/100 mm wide contact guard on the rail. In addition, the product range also includes the marking plates for the queue capture switches.

So the queue switches as their connectors and accessories can be used in the Pk centers of the Elkamo Park Converters, at the Pk Center of the Transformer in KKBM and in the Cable Boxes.