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Alfen offers a range of 3.7-22KW smart charge points for home, work and public areas. Designed to offer maximum charging speeds, while safeguarding the local grid connection, they can all be connected to any OCPP management system. The reliable and secure chargers can also be integrated with renewables and complementary smart products, as well as respond to flexible energy tariffs. Their mature technology platform is proven with a 10+ year development cycle.


Eve Single S-line

A compact single socket offering genuine smart functionality for home charging

Eve Single Pro-line

A compact single socket with advanced smart functionality for home and business use

Eve Double Pro-line

A dual socket with advanced smart functionality for higher volume environments


A dual socket with advanced smart functionality designed to withstand an on-street environment

Alfen Eve Double PG-line DE

A dual charging station conforming to the German Eichrecht law with extended intelligent functions in order to withstand the street scene environment.

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